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“Therian Wilderness is a community dedicated to separating the real views of Otherkin and Therianthropy, spiritual and otherwise, from the unrealistic ideas that have accumulated around the sub-culture.
'Spiritual' does not mean 'Religious' and we are not a religion, although many of our members do have separate religious beliefs.
The forum has been established for constuctive discussion of relevant topics, to share theories and experiences, to assist newly awakened Otherkin/Therians, and to help make beneficial teachings and practices available.”

Basic Terms & Definitions as Used on the Forum
(For further assistance, check the "Common Misconceptions, and FAQ")

  • Otherkin: An individual who feels/believes that they are something non-human on an internal level, usually spiritually or psychologically. Considered an 'umbrella term' to include Therianthropy, but generally used to refer to those who identify as non-Earthly/mythical creatures or beings.
  • Therian: Otherkin who identify exclusively as a single known Earthly or extinct animal. Some may claim to have been multiple, but only identify as one.
  • Furries: A separate sub-culture centering on anthropomorphic art. Often confused with Otherkin/Therianthropy, as there are those who engage in both communities. Those who roleplay as an animal/anthropomorphic character are distinctly different in that they do not feel that they are that being at all times, but are merely pretending for entertainment, and therefor lack the fundamental belief of unconditional identification as the creature.
  • Kintype/Theriotype: The animal(s)/creature(s)/being(s) an Otherkin or Therian identifies as.
  • Shift: One of several types of 'transitions' or changes in intensity regarding how much an Otherkin/Therian feels their kintype(s) and/or to which one, if there are multiple. Not to be confused with physical transformation, which is generally agreed upon as impossible or taboo to discuss in the community. "Shifts" in this sense are strictly mental, spiritual, or energetic/auric.

What Therian Wilderness Is Not
• A Furry Role-Play forum
• A Role-Play forum for Otherkin/Therians
• A Professional Mental/Legal Help forum
• An Adult/XXX/Yiff site

The First Thing to Do

1) Read The Rules.
• Every place has them, and here they distinguish us as a community to further Otherkin/Therianthropy understanding. Their importance cannot be stressed enough.
(Ignorance of the rules for having not read them is not an excuse to get away with breaking them. To the contrary, not having read them is breaking this one.)

2) Write an Introduction.
Please write an introduction within 7 days of registering in the "Member Introductions" board.
Things to include below are highly recommended, but not required:
• A bit about yourself,
• Likes and dislikes,
• Hobbies,
• How you found us.
• What animal(s) or being(s) you associate with, if any,
• How you determined the above,
• What you hope to gain by being here,

The more others know about you, the more they will be able to connect. Short three line introductions are not adequate enough to get to know an individual, so if you want to stand out, don't be afraid to make your mark.

Bear in mind, this is a text based forum so your literacy levels must be adequate for us to understand you and take you seriously. If your intro is heavily illiterate, lacks most grammar, or is a multiple size text rainbow, other members will not be able to respond correctly, or may not wish to at all. Info on this is below in the "Posting Messages" area of the "Member Rules" section.

If you have issues with writing due to dyslexia or English not being your primary language, this is understandable. Just let us know, take time to post your info, and use a spell checker where you feel you may need it.

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